Your questions, answered.

You can grab one of our irresistible samples here These are full size, wrapped and labelled. Also, it’s a great excuse to buy a box of goodies, right?

Labelling Guidelines

We provide labelling guidance on our labelling page. You’ll find info on what to include on any labels, including help with label designs.

Template Label Designs

Creating legally compliant, beautiful labels isn’t easy. That’s why we’ve done the tricky bit for you. Head to our labelling page to download label templates for you to use for free.

Printed Labels

Unfortunately we no longer provide printed labels, however we do offer a range of designs for you to print, or have printed professionally. If you want to see the designs in print, you can order a sample product, which arrives full sized and labelled.

Our minimum order quantity is 24 units of a single product variety.

Whilst we don’t offer split packs, here’s the good news. You can receive a discount of up to 20% for purchasing multiple packs. Awesome!

You can see our lead times on the basket and checkout pages. At the moment, it’s 2-3 weeks, though this can change when we get busy.

Most orders leave us within a week. We always work our hardest to get your order to you asap. We know you’ll be super excited to get your order 😍

We love hearing new ideas for products! Our team is at full capacity with our standard orders, so unfortunately we have no availability for custom products.

The making team are always looking for new eco-friendly products to add to the range, so if you have a great idea, spill the tea!

You’ll find all the product info on each product listing under the ‘additional information’ tab.

You can see ingredients, allergen, net weights/volumes, approximate dimensions, instructions for use, packaging and any other handy bits of info.

All of our products have been assessed and passed the Cosmetic Products Safety Report, which means a qualified chemist has certified that they are safe for general use. 

Products specifically marketed to young children require extra safety assessments, so we don’t recommend our products for children 3 years and under.

We’re unable to make recommendations regarding pregnancy. We always advise that during pregnancy, the customer asks their medical professional for advise.

All of our products are 100% vegan, cruelty free, with minimal plastic packaging. These values are at the heart of our business, we wouldn’t do it any other way!