Nice to meet you!

We're not normal.

Hi, it’s the team at White Label Botanist here. Everything’s handmade, vegan and we even use compostable packaging. We’re an eco-friendly wholesaler in Norfolk, UK. You should check out the awesome stuff we make.

I’ll be honest, we’re not really ‘normal business people’. Run with me here.

Too often people see business as ‘profits first, people and planet later’, but that’s not what we’re about. We’re here to change the rules. Wholesale doesn’t have to be heartless.

The impossible wholesaler.

White Label Botanist came from frustration. We were looking for a wholesaler who sold 100% animal friendly produce and plastic free.

So, cup of tea in hand, we searched. And we searched. And then we stopped searching, and started learning. Then we began making. We did it ourselves.

We make really good stuff, at a fair price, and we want to share it with everyone. Not only that, but we’re here to help the planet too.

What's in it for you?

  • Plastic Free: Who actually likes opening a parcel to get a load of useless polystyrene and plastic wrap?
  • Sustainable Palm Oil: Yep, most cosmetics are chock full of palm oil. That means deforestation. That means no home for the Orang-utans. That’s not cool.
  • 100% Animal Friendly ingredients:  We don’t want to make you feel bad, but the science says animal farming is more harmful than the oil industry. We will always be a vegan business.
  • UK Makers: Being an eco-friendly wholesaler in Norfolk, you can rest assured everything is hand made, by us, with care for our environment and local landscape.

Our plan(et).

The team here are seriously worried about global heating and the massive loss of wildlife that we, as humans, are responsible for.

Nobody at White Label Botanist wants to add to the problem. Hey, even our workshop is powered by 100% renewable electricity.

We want to make things better. That’s why, by being a responsible wholesaler, we’re not just changing our business, we’re changing yours too.

Us to a tee.

When we’re not in our workshop, we’re restoring our little patch of land in North Norfolk. With the help of our two rescue sheep, we’re taking it from a pesticide covered monocrop to a wildlife friendly, carbon capturing woodland.

That’s how we like to spend our time and money. Not a luxury yacht in sight.

You shouldn’t have to choose between planet or profits. Let’s do this together.